So, you’re looking to update your kitchen and are considering what type of Natural Stone or Quartz countertop to choose. What’s the first step? Well, it mostly depends upon which factors are going to drive your decision. When working with customers in our showroom, it’s important for me to understand what interests them so I can point them in the right direction and make the best use of their time. Factors like price, material type, sustainability, functionality, color, maintenance, warranty, quality and delivery time can weigh heavily on the decision making process. Some folks are flexible on price if it means getting the look they want, while others are working within a firm price range and only want to see options that will fit the budget. I know that I like to be informed about a product before making a decision, so let’s start with material options and pricing, then we’ll move onto quality and other considerations.

It seems that there are a dizzying array of material types to choose from, but really, there are two primary categories that account for over 90% of our sales: Granite and Quartz surfaces.

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