Choose a 5 or 10-year plan 

The last thing you want to worry about is what happens if your surface is accidentally damaged during everyday use and requires expensive repairs. Rumford Stone’s Granite Gold™ 5 or 10-year Protection Plans allow you to rest easy knowing that any unexpected mishap is covered against accidental damage as well as etches, grout and joint expansion, and more. All you need to do is file your claim within 30 days of the damage occurring, and a professional stone specialist will visit your home to carry out the necessary repairs.

Buy your plan before work begins

Don’t miss out on coverage. You must purchase your Granite Gold® Protection Plan from Rumford Stone prior to installation. Your policy takes effect the moment your countertops are installed, and you’re covered for five to ten years against accidental damage!

What’s covered?

Stone types
• Granite
• Quartz
• Quartzite
• Marble
• Slate
• Soapstone
• Solid Surface
Household stains
• Food and beverage
• Cosmetics
• Oil
• Rust
• Human and pet bodily fluids/waste
Accidental damage
• Chipping, cracking, pitting and scratches
• Etching (dulling surfaces)
• Hard water marks and deposits
• Caulking, grout and joint expansion

To get started, contact Rumford Stone at 603.224.9876

Need to file a claim?

1 Submit – File a claim online or by phone within 30 days of when the damage occurred
2 Assess – Granite Gold will process your claim and schedule an appointment for repair
3 Repair – A Granite Gold® authorized stone technician will repair the damage at no additional cost

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