What We Offer

High-Quality Stone & Quartz Surfaces

Rumford Stone provides a wide range of premium surfaces, including the classic elegance of granite, the sophisticated patterns of marble, and the consistency of quartz. In addition, our porcelain options are ideal for clients looking for resilient and stylish solutions for both indoor and outdoor environments. Our commitment extends beyond mere aesthetics, ensuring that everything we offer only enhances your living spaces! Whether you’re renovating a cherished home or designing a new space, we’re here to meet your specific design needs and lifestyle, matching durability and timeless beauty.

Natural Stone

Experience the timeless allure of granite, marble, and other natural stones. Known for their durability and unique aesthetics, these stones are perfect for creating stunning countertops and features that elevate any space.
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Combining beauty with engineered performance, our quartz countertops are low maintenance, resistant to stains, and do not require sealing. Available in a plethora of colors and designs from renowned brands like Cambria and Silestone, quartz is ideal for those seeking practical luxury​​. Learn More About Quarz


Durable and versatile, porcelain offers excellent functionality for high-impact areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. It’s perfect for achieving a modern look with robust performance, from sleek countertops to stylish backsplashes​. Learn More About Porcelain

Custom Countertop Fabrication & Installation

Rumford Stone’s installation process for custom kitchen countertops, bathroom, and fireplaces is meticulously designed to ensure precision, satisfaction, and durability, blending seamlessly into the design and functionality of your home.

Kitchen Countertops

The heart of the kitchen, Rumford Stone’s custom countertops are crafted to meet both aesthetic and functional demands. The process includes a thorough selection of materials like quartz, natural stone, and porcelain, which are tailored to suit the lifestyle and décor of any home. The installation is managed to ensure that the new countertops not only look fantastic but are also perfectly aligned and securely fitted for daily use.
Kitchen Countertop Services

Bathroom Vanities

In bathrooms, the focus is on creating a harmonious and luxurious space with custom vanities and slab showers. The installation process involves careful measurement and layout to maximize space and enhance functionality. Materials like marble and quartz are used to craft vanities that are not only visually appealing but also durable and easy to maintain. This ensures a sleek, modern finish that transforms your bathroom into a spa-like retreat​​.
Bathroom Vanities


Custom fireplaces by Rumford Stone serve as a centerpiece in any living space, providing warmth and style. The selection process allows for a highly personalized approach, choosing from materials like granite, marble, and quartzite that are cut and shaped to fit the unique dimensions and style of your room. The installation process is critical for ensuring that the fireplace is not only a beautiful focal point but also structurally sound and durable, capable of withstanding the heat and demands of frequent use​.
Custom Fireplaces

Other Countertop Fabrication & Renovation Options

To further meet your diverse needs, we offer an extensive list of other fabrication options and additional services:

Comprehensive Fabrication Options:

  • Countertops: Alongside kitchen and vanity countertops, we do MAI splash, FHBS, and waterfall panels.
  • Specialized Spaces: Such as wet bars, pantries, laundry areas, dog rooms, and buffet tops.
  • Decorative and Functional Features: Wall caps, window sills, tub surrounds, slab showers, outdoor grill tops, and wall cladding.
  • Detailed Touches: Bath pieces, thresholds, jambs, curbs, niches, benches, and shelves.
  • Removal & Disposal Services: We also provide complete removal and disposal of old materials to make way for new installations.

Slab Sinks, Drain Board Grooves, and More:

  • Our slab sinks are custom-crafted to fit any design preference and functionality, integrated seamlessly with drain board grooves for added practicality.
  • Mitered & Stacked Lamination: For those looking for that extra level of detail and sophistication in their countertops, our mitered and stacked lamination techniques are perfect.
  • Shop Honing, Trivet, Cutting Board & Lazy Susans: To enhance your kitchen’s functionality, we also offer honed finishes and custom accessories such as trivets, cutting boards, and Lazy Susans.

Our services ensure that every installation not only meets but enhances the operational needs and style of your business. To see our full range of options and to discuss custom solutions that fit your specific requirements, we invite you to visit the Rumford Stone showroom. This visit is the first step towards upgrading your living spaces, where our experts are ready to assist you in selecting the ideal materials for your project.

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