What is Soapstone?

Crafted by the forces of nature, soapstone emerges as a distinctive metamorphic rock featuring a harmonious blend of talc, chlorite, and pyroxenes. Its unique composition not only provides a smooth and inviting touch but also showcases an array of captivating colors.

Soapstone in Vintage KitchenBenefits of Soapstone

Heat Retention
Soapstone’s exceptional ability to retain heat makes it ideal for applications like fireplace surrounds and baking surfaces.

Timeless Aesthetics
With a wide range of gray(subtle color) tones and veining, soapstone adds a timeless and earthy aesthetic to any space.

Stain Resistance
The inherent density of soapstone provides natural resistance to stains and spills, ensuring easy maintenance.

Popular Uses of Soapstone

Kitchen Countertops
Experience the timeless charm of soapstone in your kitchen with natural stone countertops that blend functionality and aesthetics seamlessly. The smooth and cool surface makes it an ideal choice for rolling our dough and handling hot cookware. Explore colors and options with our Kitchen Visualizer.

Silestone-Kitchen-Europea-Eternal-Charcoal-SoapstoneSink Basins
Elevate your bathroom with the understated elegance of soapstone sink basins. Crafted for durability and easy maintenance, soapstone sinks not only stand the test of time but also add a touch of rustic sophistication to your bathroom space.
Explore colors and options with our Bath Visualizer.

Protecting Your Soapstone Surfaces

Initial Care
Soapstone is valued for its natural beauty and minimal maintenance. Unlike other stones, it doesn’t require sealing. While not necessary for protection, applying mineral oil can darken the stone and enhance its natural appearance. 

Routine Cleaning
Daily soapstone care is straightforward. Use mild soap and a soft cloth for cleaning. Its non-porous surface makes it easy to maintain, and it’s less prone to bacteria buildup, ensuring hygiene. 

Handling Scratches and Nicks
One of the unique properties of soapstone is its ability to withstand minor damage. Small scratches can often be buffed out with sandpaper, and deeper nicks can be easily treated with mineral oil. 

Best Practices for Soapstone Surfaces

Why Choose Rumford Stone for Your Soapstone Needs?

Rumford Stone takes pride in our precision fabrication and installation, bringing out the natural warmth and beauty of soapstone in every project. Whether you’re envisioning a cozy kitchen or an inviting bathroom space, our selection of premium soapstone is ready to enhance your home. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and bring the unique charm of soapstone into your space.