Your choice of a Rumford Stone natural stone product is a wise investment. Stone is the most beautiful and durable natural product in the world. Rumford Stone is proud to be the fabricator and installer of the natural stone in your home. Rumford Stone offers a 10-year, transferable warranty for material and workmanship.

Quartz products are also covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

The manufacturer’s warranty decision supersedes Rumford’s. See your Quartz manufacturer’s site for more info.

Rumford Stone Warranty does not cover:

  • Defects from normal wear and tear or abuse
  • Stains/Etching
  • Cracks/fissures or other damage due to structural movement.
  • Damage due to normal/seasonal expansion and contraction of substrates.

Full Warranty language is provided here: RS Warranty.

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All Sensa granite and quartzite products offer a 15-year warranty. Learn More.