Full-Height Backsplashes

Full-height backsplash can be made out of the same stone as your counters, or out of a complementary color. You can either do all the space along your perimeter counters, or an access piece behind your range. The slab backsplash which creates a sleek and minimalistic look is very popular in contemporary kitchen designs. They balance modern form with a timeless traditional surface material.


Tile Backsplashes, Floors & Bath

Set your space apart with our exceptional range of tile options for backsplashes, floors, and baths! Our tile backsplashes, elegant flooring, and chic bathroom tiles are crafted to make your space stand out. We blend trendsetting design with exceptional quality, ensuring your project shines with style. Let our team of experts help you enhance your home that’s not just beautiful, but uniquely yours.

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Custom Slab Sinks to match your countertops

Sinks & Faucets

Discover the perfect complement to your countertops with our diverse selection of sinks and faucets, suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and beyond. Our curated collection from LOF, Kraus, and Serenity offers unparalleled quality and design. Whether you’re looking for a robust kitchen sink with functional accessories or a sleek, stylish basin for your bathroom, we have it all. Our range includes various sizes, colors, and materials to seamlessly integrate with your decor. Choose Rumford Stone for sinks and faucets that not only meet your needs but also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your dream home. 

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Custom Slab Sinks to match your countertops

Custom Slab Sinks to match your countertops

An apron farm style or undermount stone slab sink from Rumford Stone will beautify your design and set your kitchen apart from the rest. At Rumford Stone we manufacture sinks in-house to match your countertop stone selection. Our sinks are custom fit to your specifications and adhered with the finest adhesives, guaranteed to never leak or deteriorate. The bottoms of all our sinks are milled to create pitch to the drain. Ask our showroom personnel for more information.

Slabsmith Layouts

Digital Slab Layouts

Elevate your project precision with our state-of-the-art Digital Slab Layout service. With high-movement (veining) stone, many customers opt to perform a digital slab layout. After taking digital measurements of your kitchen (templating) we’ll use our software to digitally layout your kitchen on the slabs you’ve selected so you can see how your project will look in advance. 

We can email you two layout options or set up an appointment for you to visit our warehouse and have us do the layout on a large viewing monitor with your slabs right there so you can actively participate in the layout process (extra charge may apply).

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Custom Fabrication Work for a Bold Look

If you are looking for a bold look, we can stack or miter-laminate the edge of your counter to give the appearance of a thicker piece of stone. Waterfall legs are also a stunning addition to your island. A traditional countertop has a single horizontal surface that ends at the edge of an island, peninsula, or bank of cabinets. Waterfall legs drop vertically down the sides, creating a continuous flow of to the floor. The end result can be very dramatic.

Brackets & Overhang Supports

Enhance the stability and elegance of your countertops with our Ironman support brackets. Choose from flat brackets for discreet support or right-angle brackets for robust structural reinforcement. Ideal for various overhangs, these brackets are essential for ensuring the longevity and safety of your installation. Our team of experts will review the ideal placement during templating, guiding you through every step to ensure your Rumford Stone countertops are not only stunning but securely supported.

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Removal & Disposal of Existing Tops

Simplify your kitchen or bathroom renovation with our professional countertop removal and disposal service. We take care of your old countertops, whether granite, quartz, or laminate, ensuring a seamless transition to your new Rumford Stone surface. Our team is equipped to handle all sizes, from small vanities to large kitchens. Schedule your removal 1-2 days before templating, and we’ll manage the rest, from travel to clean-up. Get ready for your upgrade with ease and confidence with our countertop experts at Rumford Stone.

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Chip Minimizer

Safeguard your countertops from chips with our chip minimizer upgrade! Specifically designed for sink edges, it adds a robust, rounded edge to reduce chipping risks. This practical upgrade is both stylish and functional, preventing expensive repairs. Trust our team of experts for durable, reliable countertop solutions that ensure your investment stays pristine for years to come.

5 and 10-Year Granite Gold® Protection Plans

Ensure lasting beauty and durability for your countertops with Rumford Stone’s 5 and 10-year Granite Gold Protection Plans. These protection plans cover your surfaces against accidental damages such as chips,  etching, staining, grout expansion, and more providing you with peace of mind. With Granite Gold®, enjoy an affordable, worry-free solution to maintain the pristine condition of your countertops for years to come​​.

Granite Gold Protection Plan

Countertop Heaters

Eliminate the cold touch of your stone countertop, island or desk. FeelsWarm warming mats for new & existing counters discreetly add a new level of luxuriant comfort to the area where you sit most. The heaters are fitted with an ultra-thin heating mat that is custom-engineered for each stone including shape, wattage, and electrical input location. 

FeelsWarm – Heating for Stone Countertops

Invisacook Under-Counter Induction Burners for Porcelain Tops

Revolutionize your kitchen with our Invisacook under-counter induction burners, perfectly integrated with our porcelain countertops. Experience the luxury of a seamless cooking surface where the elegance of your countertops blends with cutting-edge cooking technology. These hidden burners offer a clutter-free, efficient cooking experience, transforming your countertop into a multi-functional space. Our innovative solutions can set your kitchen apart with both style and functionality.

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