What is Porcelain?

Known for its impressive resistance to stains, scratches, and high temperatures, porcelain is an excellent choice for both kitchen and bathroom countertops. This material can be crafted to mimic the appearance of various natural stones, including marble and granite, offering a wide range of design possibilities. Its non-porous surface ensures easy maintenance and hygienic advantages, making it a popular choice among homeowners seeking both beauty and practicality. Explore the advantages of porcelain, a sophisticated and resilient option that brings the essence of natural stone into your home.



Dekton means excellence in functional beauty for any architectural project. Dekton’s polyvalence makes it ideal for any application, even in the most demanding conditions. They offer a seamless, grout-less surface that will transform any space with breathtaking results. With the wide range of colors and the durability of the material, Dekton works for a variety of applications, including countertops, shower stalls, fireplaces, and walls. Whether you’re considering Dekton or granite countertops, you will find stunning options that cater to both aesthetic and functional needs.

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Laminam produces ceramic slabs which challenge the traditional uses of this material, creating large sized minimum thickness surfaces, which are used in exterior architecture, interior design and furnishings. For shower walls, full height backsplash and countertop applications, the stylistic look and features of Laminam porcelain slabs make anything possible.

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Inspired by the Earth’s magnificent natural beauty and the transcendent sounds of harmonious music, TERACANTO Porcelain Surface redefines high-end design. Luxurious looks, organic Earth-based ingredients, and versatile applications make TERACANTO ideal for premium residential and commercial environments.

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