We tend to think of a natural stone countertop in a kitchen as the gemstone in a ring setting. Basically, you are buying a big piece of jewelry for your house! So, it may be of interest to note what we are seeing in terms of popular colors these days. Regardless of what color you pick, it is important that you view and select the actual slab of stone that will be installed in your house. There is too much variation in natural stone to pick based on a representation or a sample. Your granite countertops will last a life time and you should enjoy them every day!

For granite counter tops, three very popular colors right now are Delicatus, Blue Flower and Super White.

Delicatus is a classic looking black and white granite often with grey shades and swirls. What can cause a slab of Delicatus to look very different is the presence of taupe, caramel, peach or rust tones. Depending on your preference and project, you will want to select your Delicatus based on the appeal of the extra coloring. Houzz has a nice gallery of kitchen pictures featuring this granite with a variety of cabinetry and kitchen styles – check it out here: http://www.houzz.com/delicatus-granite

Blue Flower granite is also coming on strong these days – this creamy grey/blue granite features black/gray background with pools of iridescent blue as one would expect. Again here is a nice gallery of this color featured in a variety of settings: http://www.houzz.com/blue-flower-granite

Super White granite is popular granite with gray shades and veining.  Some customers prefer Super White granite to varieties of white marble for kitchen applications due to its increased durability and stain resistance.  We see it being installed in kitchens as well as bathroom vanity applications.   You can see it here: http://www.houzz.com/super-white-granite

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