A natural stone that is quarried all over the world, granite is the natural choice for many countertops. Here are some things to consider when deciding on granite.

  • Scratch and stain resistant, but must be sealed annually to prevent oil staining.
  • Highly heat resistant, does not burn or discolor when exposed to heat.
  • Granite is extremely durable and, with normal use, will easily outlive your house!
  • Granite’s surface is available polished, honed (matte) and textured.
  • Granite is normally repairable by a fabricator in the event of a chip, scratch or stain.
  • Warranty: Rumford Stone offers a limited lifetime warranty, but in general, the warranty for granite countertops is limited to what each individual fabricator or retailer offers.
  • Be sure to inquire about the warranty when purchasing a stone countertop.
  • Price: Granite, depending upon the color selected, can be the least expensive option. However, granite pricing varies widely and some colors can reach the highest price ranges.

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